Terms & Conditions

Glass Experience Madison – Terms & Conditions

  1. All participants must pay the one-time $25 event registration fee regardless of how many classes they are attending at GEM.  You can pay it here if you haven’t already added it to your cart.  Be sure to select your shirt size by adding a GEM IV T-Shirt to the cart.  The shirt is included in your registration.  If you don’t want a shirt, select “No Shirt Requested”.
  2. Refund Policy –
    • 45+days prior to event, full refund for class(es). 1/2 of registration fee is forfeited.
    • 44-30 days prior to event, 1/2 of class fee refunded (unless there is a waiting list or someone willing to take your spot then you receive a full refund for the class(es)).  Registration fee is forfeited.
    • Less than 30 days prior to event, NO REFUNDS unless there is a waiting list or someone willing to take your spot, then you receive a full refund for the class(es).  Registration fee is forfeited.
    • Classes cancelled by the KBW Foundation entitle all participants signed up for that class to a full refund for the cancelled class and registration fee if that is the only class they are taking.  Alternative classes will be offered when feasible.
  3. Class Cancellation Policy – Classes may be cancelled by the KBW Foundation at any time.  Refunds will be issued according to the refund policy.
  4. The KBW Foundation, Glass Experience Madison, The Vinery or any officers, staff, or employees of the aforementioned are not liable for transportation or accommodation costs for any participant for any reason.
  5. There are NO additional fees that will be collected beyond what you pay for your classes.  All material and equipment fees are included in the class price.  Some classes may offer an optional upgrade for a small fee but this is rare.
  6. Lunch is provided for full day classes and snacks are included for 1/2 day classes.  If taking two 1/2 day classes in one day, lunch is included.  Vegetarian and gluten free options will be available.
  7. Transportation to and from the Best Western East Towne Suites will be available.

Contact us with any questions! gem@kbwfoundation.com