Michael Dupille – 2 Day – Watercolor Effect – THU-FRI – 9AM-5PM


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In this workshop will you discover how create imagery in glass that has the feel, vitality and expressive qualities of a watercolor. I have been doing watercolors since my childhood and integrate a great deal of that knowledge in my kiln formed glass work and workshops. I have developed this technique as a result of those experiences and as a way to reflect the same feeling as a painted piece. Using glass as our ‘paint’ we utilize the properties of the material to express that unique character; color, depth, transparency.  Minimal use of dichro will add spice and interest to the pieces as well-I have some interesting ways of implementing and altering it.

Seattle resident Michael Dupille has worked in art his entire career as both creator and educator.  Experienced in a variety of media  including animation, illustration, print, and textile design, he continues  to challenge himself through invention and innovation.

Michael was part of the glass blowing program at Central Washington  University in the early 70’s.  Since the late 1980’s he has worked extensively with glass, having developed and refined a technique for “painting with glass” that uses  crushed glass (frit) in combination kiln fired methods. He refers to this  process as fritography.  Michael pioneered many kiln forming  processes, especially in the area of mold making and kiln casting.

Skill level: All

This class is for:  August 15, 16, 2019 (Thursday & Friday) 9AM-5PM