Michael Dupille – 2 Day – Fritography With A Twist – SAT-SUN 9AM-5PM


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In this course we briefly review the concepts and methods of Beginning Fritography™ then explore some new techniques and working methods that will bring your work to a whole new level of fun and sophistication.  Want mayo and mustard on that? I will show you my process of making a ‘frit sandwich’ and all the amazing things you can do with that process. We’ll focus on creating unusual shapes, surface treatments, firing schedules and cover mural making techniques. We will also be using different frit sizes for amazing effects with single and multiple firings.

Seattle resident Michael Dupille has worked in art his entire career as both creator and educator.  Experienced in a variety of media  including animation, illustration, print, and textile design, he continues  to challenge himself through invention and innovation.

Michael was part of the glass blowing program at Central Washington  University in the early 70’s.  Since the late 1980’s he has worked extensively with glass, having developed and refined a technique for “painting with glass” that uses  crushed glass (frit) in combination kiln fired methods. He refers to this  process as fritography.  Michael pioneered many kiln forming  processes, especially in the area of mold making and kiln casting.

Skill level: All

This class is for:  August 17, 18, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday) 9AM-5PM