Josh Krogman – 1/2 Day – Fused Glass Painting with Frit – David Alcala Style – Friday AM 8-12


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Explore painting with frit in a technique taught to us by David Alcala. Your project will be created vertically much like a sand painting. This project will start out much like an “ant farm”- two pieces of glass separated with strips of balsa wood on three sides. Frit will be poured into the space between the two pieces of glass. Josh will show you the “magic” in creating scenic seascapes, hills and valleys or anything else you may want to imagine. This is an unusual technique that is fun to experience!

Josh is a talented artist in a myriad of mediums.  From pencils, to paints to tattoo ink to glass, he can create masterpieces from seemingly everyday items.  Josh teaches classes in Las Vegas at Glass Craft and Bead Expo where his students walk away with nothing but smiles and rave reviews for his patience and inspirational guidance.

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

This 1/2 day class takes place from 8AM-12PM on Friday Morning, August 17, 2018