Josh Krogman – 1/2 Day – Creating with Frit and Vitrograph – Saturday AM 8-12


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In this special class you will compose a unique fused glass panel using a variety of elements including: glass frit, vitrograph and assorted types of glass to compose a scene, still life or abstract piece. Josh will share his skills and get you started on your journey!

This will be an exciting class that will encourage you to expand your creativity and let the glass speak as you build an image with inspirations shapes, colors and textures.  Develop new insights into creating with glass.

Your project will be 8” by 10” fused in a Patty Gray mold.

Students need to bring: Glass cutting tools including a Mosaic Nipper and Safety Glasses.  Some tools may be available for use.

Josh is a talented artist in a myriad of mediums.  From pencils, to paints to tattoo ink to glass, he can create masterpieces from seemingly everyday items.  Josh teaches vitrograph classes in Las Vegas at Glass Craft and Bead Expo where his students walk away with nothing but smiles and rave reviews for his patience and inspirational guidance.

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

This 1/2 day class takes place from 8AM-12PM on Saturday Morning, August 17, 2018