Holly Cooper – 2 Day – Design and Detail: Stringer Control and Modular Design Principals – SAT – SUN 9am-5pm


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This is an intermediate class focusing on stringer control and design.

We will concentrate on using stringers to create intricate detailed patterns on glass beads while in the flame. We’ll also discuss methods that aid in promoting individuality in our work by taking technique and design beyond our usual boundaries and towards a more personal style. Part of the session I’ll be showing how I manipulate fine stringers using simple tools and techniques as well as discuss the properties of glass as it relates to the making of stringers that hold a highly detailed pattern. I will also demonstrate and discuss surface design elements such as:rhythmic pattern, negative and positive space, color, scale and proportion, texture, bead shape and its relationship to the design and modular pattern development. I use modular development in many of my beads as a means of creating a complex design within a simple framework. I will demonstrate step-by-step how I achieve this in my beads.

Students who have jewelry making tools or any of these materials are encouraged to bring them.  The rest will be provided and if you are interested, may be for sale at GEM:

  • Flat graphite marver
  • Bent Pick
  • Pointed tweezers
  • 1/16” mandrels or students choice
  • Kemper Patching Spatula #PAS

About Holly in her own words:  Working out of my studio in Austin, TX, I have been a professional artist my entire
working career. With a background in painting, art history, ceramics, textiles, jewelry and finally glass, my work melds all of these disparate disciplines into my creative work. I draw inspiration from a variety of cultural and historical traditions and incorporate them into my glass beads.

Skill level: Intermediate

This 2-day class takes place from 9AM-5PM on Saturday and Sunday, August 17-18, 2019