Coldworking Your Kiln-formed Artwork – Lecture, Demos, Q & A – Saturday PM 1-5


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Learn how artists achieve perfect edges, corners and finishes on their artwork that always seems just a step beyond what comes right out of the kiln.  You will learn about a series of tools and methods to achieve that professional quality look on your kiln-formed art.  We will review tools such as wet saws, lap-wheels, belt sanders, Dremel tools, diamond hand-pads and fire-polishing techniques.  This will be part lecture and part demonstration with question and answers taking place throughout the class.  While we will be doing the demonstrations, participants that wish to will have an opportunity to “jump in” and get a feel for various techniques being shown but this will not be a hands-on class.

Students need to bring: Paper, writing utensil

Skill level: No Experience Required.

This 1/2 day class takes place from 1PM-5PM on Saturday Afternoon, August 18, 2018